Štítky: cnc lineární železniční sada, lineare vodicí kolejnice, mgn9h, cnc router, hgh15, mgn12, xiro díly, lineární guid železniční, 3d desky, Lineární Kolejnicové.

168.23 Kč 182.77 Kč
  • Skladem
  • e350

* Obrázek je pouze orientační,

skutečné množství v balení jak je uvedeno níže.

Množství V Balení:

1. 1 sada= 1 ks blok+1 ks návod

Pokud si vyberete jeden 1 MGN9C nebo 1 MGN9H ,

skutečné množství bude 1 blok (nezahrnuje průvodce).

1. Jezdec je vyroben z nerezové oceli (440C)

2. Vodicí lišta je vyrobena z ložiskové oceli, povrch je černěný, a má vlastnosti, odolnost vůči korozi a rzi prevenci.

3. Ocelové kuličky je vyrobené z ložiskové oceli s přesností G10Z4.

4. Povrchová tvrdost HRC58-62

  • Rail materiál:
  • Jezdec míč materiál:
  • Původ: KN(Původu)
  • Množství V Balení:
  • Číslo Modelu: MGN9 MGN12 MGN15
  • Železniční zpracování:
  • Vodicí kolejnice tvrdost:
  • Posuvník materiál:
  • Příručka Šířka nebo Průměr: 9mm 12mm 15mm

Great quality looks discreet package, yet to try. A hot shoe it seems that face a little friction.
This is the third order I have placed , and the worst batch I have received. The carriages do not slide at all because the rail is very VERY dirty. It is not even machine oil, it is a paste like gunk. As a result the carriages block and grind all the length of the rail. This time, instead of plugs to stop the rails from sliding off (1st order), or nothing (2nd order), Kande has provided small pieces of plastic rail. I assume to easily slide the carriage off so they can be cleaned. The end of the rails have burrs as well, which need to be filed off before the carriage can slide off. It is unfortunate that the more I placed orders, the worse it got. But overall, of the 5 rails I ordered I am satisfied enough. Do not expect ready to go rails. A lot of time in cleaning is needed.
They don't look that new, they don't sound clean inside, but they work and are as described, they do have some engraving on the bottom side of each trolley, bit strange, just overall they are below expected quality that i have received on aliexpress in the past.
Tlesnich Avton1986 U
much less protective bubble wrap than my first order. packaging box was damaged during transport but rails seem ok. The very annoying thing is that this time there are no plastic carriage stops on them which will make installation harder than it should be. First order they were present. The three I bought now are or much less factory grease, or have pre load because they do not fall on their own gravity as far as I can tell in the packaging. Compared to my first order, I am a bit disappointed.

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